Our philosophy

We believe that absolutely everyone CAN benefit from yoga.


For this reason we want every single student who comes to the Albany Yoga Room to feel comfortable and relaxed in our classes.

We discourage our students from comparing themselves to others. We encourage you to accept both your strengths and your weaknesses, and using THAT as your starting point, to make steady progress. The benefits of yoga are so wide-ranging, and are available to EVERYONE – so don’t get in your own way by expecting too much of yourself or expecting results overnight.

It is also our belief that the cost of classes should not come in the way of a dedicated student. So whilst we trust that all students who can afford to pay will do so, we are happy to offer financial assistance to those who are feeling the pinch due to the current recession. Students who can’t afford the full price of the classes may join us on a donation basis – just give what you can afford on the day. So if you need to take advantage of this offer please just ask.