Student Testimonials

I’ve spent plenty of time at the gym over the years. While there, I have treated my body almost as the enemy, trying to beat it into submission and make it look a particular way. My time doing yoga could not be more different. Here at The Albany Yoga Room, my body is at last my friend. It seems that as I stretch my body I also stretch my mind’s capacity to appreciate my own body – what it can do and how it looks. Yoga is perfect for anyone who has battled against their body but has now come to a point in their life where it’s time to make a new friend!




Hannah Banks stared in Mapotazzi Production,  Jacquie Brown Diaries and as Nurse Jesse George in Shortland Street. She says

“I was in LA and started doing Kundalini Yoga classes. It is powerful stuff and a great workout.  I also went to Auckland with Arvinderfee she’s great too.”

Hannah Banks (Tolich) Actress


‘A fabulous way to build and maintain a strong and fluid body and mind. The Yoga Room is a safe environment in which to work at your own pace while respecting your body’s limitations. ‘

Dr Lorene Dennis – Chiropractor


I started at Albany Yoga Room. It is such a heart warming experience right from the very beginning when you open the door to go in and you are greeted by a wonderful aromatherapy smell, then it’s shoes off and up the stairs to be welcomed always by the smiling face of a teacher. The quietness and calmness is really nourishing after a busy day and that’s without even starting on the yoga! For me it is a real retreat from the outside world and a time to just focus on me and take care of myself – with no outside pressures. The teachers are really lovely and are all very supportive and encouraging and totally non judgmental. I just love my ‘yoga time’ and can’t imagine life without it now.

Morny Hill


I’ve been going to the Albany Yoga Room for about a year and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. The teachers are encouraging and totally dedicated to everyone having the best experience that they can have in the class irrespective of their level of experience or ability. Yoga makes my body feel flexible and strong and my mind calm and focused. It has helped me to find a better quality of sleep and has given me skills and techniques that I can use anytime when I need to relax.

Donna Orwin


Thank you for this week’s restorative and for yesterday’s class. Also for spending some time afterward talking with me. Thanks for your encouragement, help and Gentleness. Feeling pleased with my progress in the poses even though very fatigued today. Every pose and breath brings me closer to becoming whole. Thank you for being the joyful teacher you are.