Yoga props

Yoga without props is a wonderful solution to working with what we have. However, I have been able to deepen my practice and that of my students with the use of bolsters, great mats, blankets, eye pillows and mala beads.

We don’t have an online store however we stock most props within in Albany yoga room.

Albany yoga room stocks:

LoveEarth mats

Yoga tribe mats

Spezial mats

Bolsters created with a washable cover great for use as a meditation cushion.

Aroma Bracelets

Crystal mala 6mm

Yogi tea



Straps to create a bigger range of motion

namaste incense sticks



Salt lamp 1.5-2kg

Aroma salt lamp




Dotera Pure essential oils

Blocks to enhance your holding of poses

Eye Pillows to increase your comfort and deep relaxation