Yoga Workshop

3 wk Absolute Beginners course Sunday 11.30 – 12.45pm

Have you always wanted to try Yoga but been a bit afraid to start?


absolute beginners yog

Do you want to start from the beginning in a supportive safe environment with others who are new to yoga too?  Are you worried that you are not flexible enough and that everyone else will be more experienced then you?

Then the absolute beginners course is perfect for you. Learn about yoga, find out what is the difference between a down dog or a cat/cow?  You don’t need to be 25, supple, a size 10 and eat veggies to benefit from yoga! It suits any body shape or life stage.

Cost: $60 per person or $110 for two.

OUR Next course is on Sunday 14th – 28th September




2 hour workshop inspired by Kundalini Yoga & Shakti Dance

Move through meditation with yoga, dance, kriya & breath.

Move through meditation – This teaches you to focus your mind and look to your breath. Your breath will slow down, along with your mind (this is a scientifically well-documented), and you will find more places of bliss. My intention is to offer you an opportunity to become recharged and creatively receptive.

Join us for a 2 hour workshop inspired by Kundalini Yoga & Shakti Dance.

Optional to Bring a plate after to share.

11.30- 1.30pm Sunday To be arranged


So many people think meditation is a state when in fact it is a practice.

Meditation doesn’t have a skill level? It is normal for mediation to incorporate a jumble of emotion and thoughts with moments of clarity. For me meditation is a process and what ever the moments are its results create a better sense of peace.

enjoy this moving mediative space




Shakti Dance the yoga of dance

comes from the lineage of Kundalini Yoga


Shakti Dance classes offer movement and stillness. It contains flowing yoga poses and dance movement, using standing exercises and trance sequences really give rhythmic and breath- coordination. The process really encourages you to move, preparing you for free dance. Using different dance styles and Mood (bhava), emotion (rasa) & rhythm(tala).

This yoga of dance offers you a release of tension and emotional patterns, it reduces stress and increases vitality expanding awareness and increases self-confidence. It increases flexibility, agility and muscle tone, improves posture alignment, balance and coordination, develops inner, harmony and graceful movement and it invigorates all body systems increasing cardiovascular health, circulation and respiration.




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Text or phone: 021 271 1401 (Arvinderfee)


"A lovely way to start the new week. The best stretching - the props make such a difference - and your instructions were spot on. Thanks, looking forward to the next one." - Patty Govender

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