Yoga for Children

Some of the great things children love about yoga.













Yoga for Children: 7-12 years old

As you know, practising yoga can have many positive results for both mind and body. Imagine if you’d been able to start yoga as a child or if you could share yoga’s benefits now with the children in your life… our new 6-week Yoga for Children course is a fun way to do this.

For children, yoga poses are explained as making us “feel strong like a warrior” or as “balancing like a tree” – and of course, we all create animal shapes in yoga. Through telling stories and making shapes, yoga becomes a fun way for children to exercise their bodies and minds — all at the same time!

We have been going into schools to offer yoga for stress relief for over 6 years. As yoga has benefits of mindfulness and ease of anxiety and tension. It Reduces anger, depression and fatigue. Most students find it enhances focus, attention, concentration, comprehension and memory. It Enhances resilience and coping frequency and helps the student to adapt to life’s events.

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