Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is good for everyone – you don’t have to be young and flexible.┬áIn fact the first thing most beginners say is “I’m really stiff”- so don’t worry – that’s why you need yoga!


A few other good reasons?

  1. Regular yoga practice brings strength, toning and flexibility to your body and helps to ease the aches and pains that come from our less-than-ideal lifestyles.
  2. Many students find relief from back or joint problems, headaches and a variety of other physical ailments through yoga
  3. Yoga can improve your circulation, your digestion and elimination and strengthen your immune system
  4. It is widely accepted that gentle inversions (upside down poses) are helpful for balancing the hormonal system – especially good for women!
  5. Yoga practice also teaches you how to relax deeply, enabling you to deal with stress more efficiently, to breath easier and to sleep better at night
  6. After only a short period of consistent practice you will enjoy renewed vigour and energy both physical and mental
  7. As you move deeper into your practice you will begin to feel uplifted by a new sense of balance and harmony in your life