A spiritual journey

spiritSince time began man has been asking the same questions – Who am I? Why am I here? Does my life have any real meaning? What is the point of it all?


And there is no shortage of institutions, religious and otherwise, prepared to give you their point of view. For many people there may be a satisfactory answer out there – but for many others there is simply not.

The philosophy of yoga points to only one place for the seeker to begin the journey of discovery. And that is within the body. Looking anywhere outside one’s own self will only bring relative answers – we live in a world of relativity.

The truth is absolute. So the seeker turns within. A regular yoga practice is the surest way to smooth the path on this journey. Not only does the body become stronger and more flexible, thus enabling the practitioner to sit comfortably in meditation, but energy blockages are cleared and the mind learns to relax and slow down.

Yoga teachings also offer a philosophy of living that helps the student to prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually for a lifelong search for truth. If your looking for a more spiritual option you might want to try Kundalini Yoga. There is a spiritual element to Kundalini Yoga but it is not a religion. The goal is to get connected to our higher Self, our inner wisdom; to free us from the trap of our chatter-filled mind and see beyond the illusions of our day-to-day drama. If we call upon God, we call, not upon an external God, but upon that wisdom, or infinite intelligence, that is within each of us.