Taking yoga at your pace

Yoga improves lives

Doctors often recommend yoga to people to help lower blood pressure, ease pain and improve balance. But people who stick with it find it improves their mood, reduces stress and, simply makes them happier. We offer two course to help you take yoga at your pace.


Restorative yoga

Designed to help heal the effects of chronic stress due to our fast paced lives and can also be used when we are in recovery or we are taking care of the body.Yoga for the over 50s meets the needs of students who enjoy a slower more detailed practice which taps into the needs of their physical and mental bodies. We use props to promote a deeper physical practice in conjunction with correct breathing techniques.

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Gentle yoga

Gentle yoga sequences, also referred to as Somatic Movement Flows, are practised in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. You will meet like-minded friends to encourage you on your journey.

We will all gain benefits but have different starting points. We work slowly and mindfully moving our joints using a series of freeing postures, easing our body ready for the various yoga asanas or postures.

Modifications may be suggested and you work at your own level. You will find adapted and moderate traditional yoga poses can help ease joints and bring peace of mind.

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Over 50’s

The Albany Yoga Room has since its inception in 2000 encouraged and nurtured many older students. In fact we love taking on older students. They are often amongst our most dedicated students, because once they discover what yoga can do for them, and how wonderful they feel when they take up a regular pracice, they make the effort to always be there.

Sometimes, as a more mature student, you may be a little apprehensive about stepping into your first yoga class, worried that you will be required to ‘keep up’ with a bunch of skinny flexible 20-somethings in shiny lycra outfits. (Actually no one wears lycra these days!) So to encourage you to give it a try, we have created a slow and gentle class where you will be surrounded by like-minded (i.e. mature) and perhaps like-bodied students!

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